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Derivative Calculator


The exercise can be fun only under one circumstance - when you know all the rules and know how to follow them. If you want to check your answer, this calculator is the right choice. To find the derivative of an expression, you need to carefully enter it and push a blue arrow. After you will see the list of options, you need to choose "Find the derivative". The right answer will magically appear on your screen.

The computation of the first and second order derivatives is used in many applied problems. Let's consider the most common of them.

  • The extremum of a function of one variable is found by equating the derivative to zero: f '(x) = 0. This is the main stage of constructing the graph of a function using the method of differential calculus.
  • The value of the derivative at the point x0 allows us to find the equation of the tangent to the graph of the function.
  • The ratio of the derivatives allows us to calculate the limits by the L'Hospital rule.
  • In mathematical statistics, the distribution density f (x) is defined as the derivative of the distribution function F (x).
  • When searching for a particular solution of a linear differential equation, it is required to calculate the derivative at a point.
  • In the Newton method, using the derivative, the roots of the non-linear equations are separated.
  • The derivative of a function is one of the basic concepts of mathematics. And finding the derivative has received the name of differentiation, which characterizes the rate of change of the function (at this point).

Derivative Calculator Online

When solving higher mathematics, it is often necessary to calculate the derivative of a mathematical function. For simple math functions, this is no longer a problem, as tables are developed and accessible for derivatives. However, if you want to find a derivative of a complex mathematical function, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Just in this case, our online calculator, which is able to calculate the derivatives of functions of any complexity, will be an excellent way out.

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